The Wordle Review: Analyzing Puzzle Wordle 819

In today’s Wordle puzzle, Wordle 819, the game begins with the words YODEL, SPIEL, CRUNK, and NAVEL. The goal is to guess the hidden five-letter word, with each guess providing feedback in the form of colored squares. Green squares signify correct letters in the correct position, while yellow squares indicate correct letters in the wrong position. Gray squares represent incorrect letters. The ultimate challenge is to uncover the word in just six attempts.

The reviewer starts by attempting YODEL as the opening word, considering the frequent occurrence of words ending in Y in previous puzzles. Additionally, the strategic positioning of the O and E in YODEL allows for many potential consonant-heavy words. However, this guess does not yield any green squares.

Undeterred, the reviewer tries SPIEL as the next word, hoping for a different outcome. Unfortunately, this guess fails to yield positive results either, leaving the puzzle open to numerous possibilities.

Realizing the need for a different approach, the reviewer decides to guess the word CRUNK, a slang term referring to eliminating the words CRUEL and KNEEL. However, this guess does not provide any clarity.

After a few minutes of contemplation, the reviewer realizes that the word NAVEL, previously disregarded as an opening guess, might be the missing word. When entered, the appearance of yellow and gray squares adds to the mystery.

Finally, the word ANGEL comes to the reviewer’s rescue. It seems that the reviewer’s yodeling caught the attention of an “angel” who guided them toward the correct word.

The reviewer rates the Wordle puzzle a three out of five stars due to the memory it evoked of the slang term “crunk” from previous years.

Today’s difficulty level is moderate due to the uncertainty surrounding the word pattern. While the letters used are common, their arrangement is less typical, requiring strategic choices with each attempt.

Christopher DeLorenzo, the featured artist for this month, is an award-winning graphic artist known for his black-and-white illustrations that infuse wit and wonder. His work explores the poetry and narrative found within everyday shapes and forms.

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