AI-Powered Tools Revolutionizing Content Curation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly simplified the process of content curation by revolutionizing the way we gather and analyze relevant information. AI-powered platforms have the capability to locate, summarize, and analyze articles, social media posts, and other sources. These platforms are also able to track industry trends, simplify complex articles, and create outlines on critical topics.

One popular AI-driven content curation tool is Feedly. This platform uses AI technology, specifically its AI named “Leo,” to gather, analyze, summarize, and prioritize articles, press releases, and social media posts from numerous sources in real time. Users can track industry trends and even keep an eye on their competitors’ brands. By utilizing keywords, users can narrow down the results and create a more personalized feed.

GigaBrain is another useful tool that scans discussions on platforms like Reddit related to a specific topic. With the help of a keyword, GigaBrain finds relevant discussions and presents a summary that includes the original post and key takeaways from the comments. Users have the option to customize the summary and adjust the sources by altering the sorting options.

Glasp is a free app available for Chrome and Safari. It allows users to summarize, highlight, and save notes from web pages. All notes and highlights are saved to the user’s Glasp profile page, where they can generate and share AI summaries. Additionally, users have the option to make their profiles public, allowing others to keep track of their curated content.

Consensus is an AI-powered search engine specialized in research papers. It provides useful features such as creating more descriptive titles for easier scanning, synthesizing multiple studies into a concise one-sentence summary, and generating a “Consensus Meter” to classify the most relevant findings. Consensus offers both free and premium plans.

Artifact, a free mobile app, uses AI to curate articles and generate summaries. Users are able to select broad categories and provide feedback to the algorithm by liking or disliking content. This helps the app learn the user’s preferences. The app also allows users to add contacts and receive push notifications of daily trending news.

These AI-powered tools offer a convenient way for individuals and businesses to curate and summarize content. They make it easier for users to stay informed and knowledgeable in their respective fields.