Tokyo-Based EmbodyMe Introduces Xpression Chat: An App that Turns Photos into Talking Avatars

Tokyo-based EmbodyMe has launched a new app called Xpression Chat, which combines its AI and deepfake technology with ChatGPT. This app allows users to upload any photo and turn it into a talking avatar with a selection of human voices. The objective is to create lifelike conversations with anyone or any character with a face. With over 50 voices (both male and female) in multiple languages to choose from, users can have intimate daily chats with their favorite celebrities, practice declaring feelings to secret loves, connect more deeply with pets, or engage in conversations with deceased family members.

Available for iOS and Android devices, users can simply download the app, upload a photo, provide some details, and start chatting with others using the photo as a talking avatar. This opens up possibilities for conversations with current celebrities, historical figures, or deceased family members.

Xpression Chat is an extension of EmbodyMe’s Xpression Camera app, which uses real-time face-filtering to animate facial expressions. While EmbodyMe did not reveal specific usage statistics, it did mention that a “vast number” of users have been incorporating the Xpression Camera app in meetings, live streams, and casual conversations.

EmbodyMe plans to offer software developer kits (SDKs) for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, allowing businesses to integrate Xpression Chat into their operations. This offers potential applications in the creation of virtual representatives for websites or digital signage, providing directions in airports, or enabling communication in multiple languages. The use of chatbots might also be involved, although EmbodyMe has not provided further details on how this integration would work.

It is important to note that Xpression Chat is not the first application to utilize AI in this manner. Previous examples include an AI named Annie, powered by ChatGPT, which conversed with users through an app, and another app by D-ID that allowed users to talk with photorealistic AI humans. However, Xpression Chat sets itself apart by allowing conversations with any individual as long as there is a photo available, raising ethical concerns regarding consent and mental well-being.

While the basic features of Xpression Chat are free, with users able to utilize a default image up to five times a day, premium membership options are available. These options include unlimited photos and chats for $7.99 per week, or a yearly subscription for $79.99. Additionally, a lifetime subscription is offered at a cost of $244.99.