Tambourah Metals Awaits Key Data After Aerial Survey of Russian Jack Lithium Project

Tambourah Metals (ASX: TMB) has recently completed an aerial reconnaissance survey over its Russian Jack lithium project area in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. This survey aims to verify and map mineralisation at various locations where extensive pegmatites have been identified. The company is now awaiting key data from the survey before further field work in the coming months.

As part of a collaborative study with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Tambourah is using machine learning from hyperspectral data to assess the most probable locations and extensions of the pegmatites. The company’s executive chairperson, Rita Brooks, stated that the survey focused on three specific target areas identified in the initial heatmap provided by the CSIRO.

The primary objectives of the aerial reconnaissance were to assess the geological potential of the area, uncover ground-truth exploration targets, and gather geological information for future exploration activities. Ground inspections will now follow to evaluate, map, and sample the pegmatites within the Russian Jack project area. These inspections will provide valuable insights for selecting areas of interest for Heritage surveys and future exploration activities.

The survey also covered the new Haystack Well project, recently acquired from Minrex. The Twin Wells alluvial prospect within the project area has historically shown extensive stacked swarms of pegmatites. Samples over the historic Twin Wells alluvial tailings have been collected for assaying.

Tambourah has obtained strong support for its lithium exploration plans, raising $2.5 million through a capital raise and offering eligible shareholders the opportunity to participate in a non-underwritten share purchase plan to target a further $1.2 million. The company is currently progressing exploration programs on multiple fronts, including six new lithium projects in the Pilbara.

In early September, Tambourah completed first pass sampling at the Shaw River lithium-tin-tantalum project, located southeast of Port Hedland. The rock chips confirmed pegmatites containing up to 188 parts per million of lithium. Ongoing work includes reconnaissance sampling, mapping, and a proposed drill program.

The company is also conducting an extended review of the tailings dumps, with sampling for potential lithium, tin, and tantalum included in a separate program.

– Pegmatites: Coarse-textured igneous rocks that often contain valuable minerals, such as lithium.
– Hyperspectral data: Imaging data collected across multiple bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.
– Lithium oxide: A compound containing lithium, commonly used in lithium-ion batteries.
– Heritage surveys: Assessments to identify areas of cultural or historical significance.

– Tambourah Metals
– Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)