Nerf Blaster Design Fires 100 Darts Per Second

Summary: A DIY enthusiast has created a fully automatic Nerf blaster that can fire 100 darts per second, surpassing the standard Nerf toys in terms of punch, precision, and fire rate. The blaster’s design utilizes half-length darts, which fly more efficiently when launched by high-powered blasters. The darts are loaded into a drum magazine with sliders that push them into the wheels as the drum rotates. Achieving the high fire rate was a challenge, with the creator facing difficulties such as shredded darts and parts flying off the magazines. However, through iterative design, the blaster now operates smoothly, with the darts leaving the magazine and soaring downrange at great speed. Videos showcasing the blaster in action have been shared, demonstrating the rapid succession of darts being fired.

For Nerf enthusiasts seeking an enhanced blasting experience, a DIY designer known as [3DprintedLife] has successfully created a fully automatic blaster that goes beyond the limitations of standard Nerf toys. This innovative design aims to achieve a remarkable fire rate of 100 darts per second while maintaining improved punch and precision.

To attain the desired performance, the blaster employs the use of half-length darts, which are known to exhibit better flight characteristics when launched by high-powered blasters. These darts are propelled by belts driven by powerful motors, similar to the mechanics of wheel blasters. The ammunition is loaded into a drum magazine equipped with sliders that efficiently push the darts into the revolving wheels.

However, the process of achieving a fire rate of 100 darts per second proved to be a significant challenge. The designer encountered obstacles such as shredded darts and magazines expelling parts during the build process. Through diligent iteration and refining of the design, these issues were gradually overcome. The result is a blaster that reliably launches the darts from the magazine, propelling them downrange at impressive speeds.

For those interested in exploring the intricacies of the blaster’s design, files are available via OnShape. Additionally, videos have been shared demonstrating the blaster’s rapid-fire capabilities, offering viewers the opportunity to witness the impressive succession of darts being discharged.

Further designs and modifications of Nerf blasters have previously been seen, showcasing the dedication and creativity of the Nerf enthusiast community.

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