Kerry Wood Nature Centre’s Harvest Moon Walk

Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Alberta, Canada, is set to host its annual Harvest Moon Walk at the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary, weather permitting. However, Environment Canada is forecasting a 60% chance of rain on the scheduled evening.

If the walk is cancelled, Kerry Wood Nature Centre will notify attendees on social media. The Harvest Moon, a full supermoon, is expected to rise in the east at 7:21 pm and set in the west at 7:44 am the following day. The walk will commence at 8:30 pm at the front doors of the Centre, with a suggested donation of $3 per person or $10 per family.

Attendees will have an opportunity to witness the moonrise over the forested east hill before it reaches its peak height over the lake. Kathryn Huedepohl, a program lead at the Centre, mentioned that the walk provides a picturesque scene and ample time for stargazing and astronomy.

Historically, the Harvest Moon has been a time for farmers to complete their harvest under the bright moonlight. Although the modern world relies on grocery stores for food, many Albertans still feel a connection to farming, and the Harvest Moon brings back nostalgic memories of the agricultural tradition.

This year, the Harvest Moon marks the end of an unusually hot summer. Huedepohl expressed relief at the arrival of cooler temperatures and vibrant fall foliage, after a scorching summer that began as early as May 1.

In the event of light rain and clear patches in the sky, the walk will still proceed, offering participants a unique nighttime perspective of the sanctuary. As Huedepohl explains, “The sanctuary in the day, and the sanctuary in the night, are two completely different things.”

Source: Article by Susan Zielinski, Red Deer Advocate.

– Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary: A nature preserve located in Alberta, Canada.
– Harvest Moon: The full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, often associated with the harvest season.

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