Experimental Biology and Medicine to Transfer to Gold Open-Access Publisher Frontiers in 2024

Experimental Biology and Medicine (EBM), the renowned journal of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (SEBM), will be transferring to the gold open-access publisher Frontiers in January 2024. This move aims to better support the global research community by offering open access to its publications.

Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Dr. Steven R. Goodman, EBM has undergone significant transformations to become a global leader in the field. Dr. Goodman’s vision was to expand the journal’s reach and coverage by adding new categories and transforming the composition of the Editorial Board. As a result, EBM now covers 22 categories, encompassing various stages of biomedical research.

EBM focuses on publishing biomedical research that is relevant to medical practice. Its categories include Anatomy/Pathology, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Applications to Biomedical Research, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Bioimaging, and many more. With its broad scope and global expansion, EBM has offices and Global Editors on five continents, with plans to expand further.

The partnership between EBM and Frontiers aims to advance the commitment to open-access publishing in the field of experimental biology. Dr. Steven Goodman expressed his excitement about this collaboration, stating that the shift to a fully open-access model will enhance EBM’s support for researchers worldwide.

Frontiers, ranked as the 6th largest research publisher and the 3rd most-cited, is known for publishing groundbreaking discoveries by top experts in their fields. With a mission to accelerate scientific discovery, Frontiers adopts a researcher-centric approach and leverages technology and artificial intelligence to uphold rigorous quality standards.

As EBM transitions to Frontiers, researchers can begin submitting manuscripts through the Frontiers portal starting October 4, 2023. This move aligns with the growing commitment to making science open and accessible for all.

For more information about Frontiers, please visit their website [source: frontiersin.org]. To learn about the benefits of SEBM membership or to contact the EBM editorial office, please visit [source: sebm.org].

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