NASA Astrobiology Program Early Career Collaboration Awards

The NASA Astrobiology Program is offering the Early Career Collaboration Awards (ECCA) to support research-related travel for undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs, and junior scientists. The ECCA aims to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers in the field of astrobiology.

The ECCA provides funding for travel expenses to circulate among two or more laboratories supported by the NASA Astrobiology Program. It offers an opportunity for researchers to visit different institutions and collaborate with experts in their field. The program recognizes the importance of cross-disciplinary collaborations and encourages applicants to explore diverse research environments.

While priority is given to travel that supports the applicant’s research, the ECCA also considers other travel that is critical for the applicant’s professional development. This flexibility allows researchers to attend conferences, workshops, and meetings that can enhance their knowledge and skills in astrobiology.

To be eligible for the ECCA, applicants must be formally affiliated with a U.S. institution. This ensures that the funding is utilized by researchers who are actively involved in astrobiology research within the United States. The ECCA is open to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior scientists who are in the early stages of their career.

The maximum funding amount for the ECCA is $5,000. This financial support can be used to cover travel expenses such as airfare, accommodations, meals, and conference registration fees. The ECCA aims to provide a reasonable level of support to enable researchers to engage in collaborative activities and professional development opportunities.

The deadline for applications for the ECCA is Monday, October 16th, 2023. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the NASA Astrobiology Program website for more information on how to apply and the specific requirements for the award.

The Early Career Collaboration Awards offered by the NASA Astrobiology Program provide an excellent opportunity for young researchers in the field of astrobiology to enhance their research and professional development through collaboration and knowledge exchange. By supporting travel to different research institutions, the ECCA aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and promote innovation in the field of astrobiology.

Sources: NASA Astrobiology Program