Ranatec to Build Signal Processing Hardware for Square Kilometre Array Observatory

Ranatec, a subsidiary of the Qamcom group and a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, has been selected by Qamcom Research and Technology to build the advanced signal processing hardware for the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO). The SKAO is an intergovernmental organization working to construct the world’s most powerful radio telescopes in Australia and South Africa.

The SKAO telescopes will be used for a variety of studies including the exploration of the early universe, the formation of stars and galaxies, and the search for extraterrestrial life. Ranatec’s role in the project will be to integrate and complement a range of key solutions for the telescopes.

This appointment is a significant achievement for Ranatec, as it not only showcases their expertise in signal management but also strengthens their position as a provider of turnkey solutions for development and production. The collaboration between Ranatec and Qamcom Research and Technology will further enhance their ability to turn ideas and innovations into real solutions.

Bengt M√ľnter, Project Manager at Qamcom, praised Ranatec for their track record in delivering innovative solutions and their expertise in manufacturing specialized test and measurement equipment. He stated that Ranatec’s involvement would be integral to assembling and testing the advanced digitized feed receiver system for the SKAO project.

The Qamcom SKAO assignment is part of a broader international collaboration that extends until 2027. Qamcom is responsible for integrating components from other suppliers into the main system. The project also involves collaboration with Onsala Space Observatory and Chalmers University of Technology, two leading players in the construction of the SKAO telescopes.

Ranatec considers this opportunity to be a unique opportunity for growth and a chance to work alongside visionary leaders in Swedish technology and space research. The company is honored to be selected for this prestigious project and looks forward to contributing to the success of the SKAO Observatory.

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