How do satellite phones work?

Satellite phones work in the same way as cell phones, except that they send a much more powerful signal – it must reach a satellite in Earth’s orbit. How does it work? We call any phone number on a satellite or terrestrial network, a phone connects to the satellite, which sends a signal back to the user’s location, and then to the satellite user’s office. From there, it will be forwarded to a selected global network that allows you to create a connection. There is one condition: you must be outside. The phone must be able to “see” the satellite and have direct contact with it.

Satellite smartphone

Many smartphone manufacturers are working on satellite connections for mobile phones. In China, the Huawei Mate 50 allows you to send text messages via satellite using the BeiDou navigation network. Apple’s iPhone offers this option in the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Qualcomm is working on a Snapdragon Satellite chip that will enable similar functionality in Android smartphones. SpaceX is also announcing the launch of satellite communications services for 5G mobile phones as part of the Starlink network.

Can you track a satellite phone?

Yes. Each satellite phone transmits its GPS location to the operator before establishing a connection. Each of the carriers has a tool to monitor satellite phone users.

Can satellite phone conversations be tapped?

Operators rule out such a possibility, but the encryption algorithm used in satellite networks is not new. In addition, the clothing services of many countries work with satellite network operators.

Satellite phone rental

Monthly satellite phone rental costs on average 1000 PLN – 1300 PLN or 50 PLN per day. Subscription for satellite phone

Iridium subscription price is about USD 70 per month. Call rates for calls per minute are 1.40 USD, SMS 0.50 USD. Working on the Thuraya network costs 26 USD, monthly subscription 16-35 USD, call minutes 0.68-0.79 USD or 1.12-2.37 USD, SMS 0.41 USD.
Inmarsat pays 65 USD per month, 1.00-1.20 USD per minute, 0.50 USD for SMS. military satellite phone

Satellite phones certified for military and government use are the Iridium 9555 GSA and Iridium 9575 GSA models.

Satellite phone distributors in Poland

The main distributor of Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat satellite telephony is TS2 Space from Warsaw.