Education: Parcoursup wishes are open to high school students until March 9

Since Wednesday, January 18, high school students have been able to formulate their higher education wishes on the Parcoursup platform until March 9. More than 21,000 courses are offered.
What to do after the bac? For students at Jean Renou high school in La Réole (Gironde), Wednesday, January 18, is D-day. From now on, they can formulate their wishes for higher education on the Parcoursup platform. Thousands of courses are available. Some are very selective, and others are less so. High school students are sometimes a little lost, but their teacher tries to reassure them.

Visions to be made until March 9
Farah has no trouble projecting herself into the world after high school, but she knows that places on Parcoursup are limited. “I would either like to go to medical school, or a biochemistry or psychology school. It’s stressful because you don’t know if you’re going to get accepted. But you have to keep hope,” she testifies. The Parcoursup marathon has only just begun. Nearly one million high school students can make their wishes, until March 9, among more than 21,000 available courses.