Microsoft Enhances Edge’s PDF Reader Functionality with Integration of Bing AI Chatbot

Microsoft is taking another step towards integrating its Bing AI into the Edge browser, this time by seamlessly integrating the chatbot with the browser’s PDF reader functionality. The discovery was made by prominent Twitter-based leaker Leopeva64, who has been consistently uncovering valuable information about Edge’s developments. The integration of the Bing chatbot was spotted in the Canary channel, which is the testing phase for the browser.

The PDF reader in Edge now features a new button labeled ‘Ask Bing Chat.’ Upon clicking this button, the Bing AI chatbot instantly appears in the sidebar on the right side of the browser. Users can initiate a chat session related to the PDF document they have open in Edge, carrying out conversations in the familiar chat format.

This move is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to integrate Bing into Edge from multiple angles. Just earlier this month, the same leaker highlighted a new option that allowed users to access Bing AI through the right-click context menu in Edge. Such integrations are currently being tested in the Canary version of Edge, the earliest build available. However, it’s important to note that these features are still in the testing phase and have a long way to go before reaching the official release version of Microsoft’s browser.

Considering Microsoft’s significant focus on promoting Bing, not just in Edge but also in other areas like Windows 11 (with Bing integration in the taskbar and search box), it’s highly likely that these changes will be implemented. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft is actively exploring additional opportunities within the Edge browser to insert Bing AI features.

However, Microsoft needs to carefully balance the promotion of the Bing chatbot with users’ potential annoyance at encountering AI elements throughout the browser. While the testing phase allows for flexibility in drawing this line, not all features may make it to the final release.

In terms of the Bing AI’s performance and impact on usage, recent figures suggest that while the chatbot has gained popularity, it hasn’t significantly increased Bing search traffic. This indicates that while the chatbot may be well-received, it might not be the driving force behind increased usage of the Bing search engine.

As Microsoft continues to refine its integration efforts and expand the reach of Bing AI, it remains to be seen how users will respond to these developments and whether they will ultimately enhance the overall browsing experience in Edge.