Japanese Government Adds AI Technologies to Key Technologies List for Cyber Defense

The Japanese government has announced the addition of 23 new technologies, including specific AI technologies, to its list of “Specified Key Technologies.” These technologies will be funded to develop AI solutions for active cyber defense and detecting disinformation. The newly added technologies cover areas such as cyberspace, maritime, aerospace, and biotechnology. This move is part of the government’s strategy to foster key technologies for economic security.

The decision to fund these technologies was made in response to the recent hacking of Japan’s defense networks by the Chinese military. The National Security Agency found that classified defense networks of Japan had been compromised. As a result, the government is now focused on strengthening its cyber defense capabilities.

Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada declined to comment on the specific details of Japan’s response to the cyberattack, citing national security concerns. However, AI expert Satoshi Masuda shared insights into how AI could be used for cyber defense. He mentioned using AI to analyze dark wave traceability, create crime prediction systems, conduct LangChain evaluation, and develop blockchain solutions.

The Japanese government has recognized the importance of robust cyber defense capabilities and aims to attain active cyber defense. By funding AI technologies, the government is taking the next step towards achieving this goal. Masuda emphasized the importance of policymakers understanding AI technology to make informed decisions.

Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Sanae Takaichi is pushing for the government to use generative AI to combat disinformation. She believes that AI technology can identify and alert citizens of disinformation, preventing confusion and delayed help during disasters. Takaichi proposes creating a government entity responsible for this task.

In addition to addressing cybersecurity concerns, Masuda suggests that Japan should pass laws to enhance cybersecurity measures, including the use of blockchain to detect insider information leaks and the establishment of information oversight committees.

Overall, Japan is leveraging AI technologies for cyber defense and combatting disinformation. The government aims to develop comprehensive defense capabilities and protect national security in the digital age.