AI in Minnesota: How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Life

The MinnPost Festival, taking place on September 22-23, will feature a series of conversations with national and local guests exploring various issues related to civic life. One of the highlighted sessions is “AI in Minnesota”, which will discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the state.

AI has rapidly emerged as the most disruptive technology in recent years. The panel of experts and entrepreneurs, including Sharon Kennedy Vickers, Dan Mallin, Michelle Tran Maryns, and moderator Nancy Lyons, will delve into how AI will reshape the lives of Minnesotans in the years to come.

Sharon Kennedy Vickers, CEO of Software for Good, brings 25 years of experience in technology implementation. Her agency develops technology solutions that address the critical needs of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. Dan Mallin, the founder and CEO of Lucy, has transformed the way organizations access and utilize information through the creation of an AI-powered answer engine. Michelle Tran Maryns, founder and CEO of We Sparkle Co., focuses on equipping underestimated entrepreneurs with AI-powered tools to foster a more inclusive economy.

Nancy Lyons, CEO and co-founder of Clockwork, will moderate the panel. With over two decades of experience, Lyons understands the importance of human aspects in the workplace. Her book, “Work Like a Boss: A kick-in-the-pants Guide to Finding (and Using) your Power at Work,” has become an Amazon bestseller.

The panel session will take place on Saturday, September 23, at 10:50 a.m. It will be a breakout session exclusively for VIPs, sponsors, and paid passholders. The festival offers an All-Access Festival Pass, granting access to all panels on September 23, including the keynote session with Samantha Bee on Friday night.

To attend “AI in Minnesota” or other festival sessions, purchase an All-Access Festival Pass. Discounts are available for MinnPost members, educators, nonprofit and government professionals, and students. Free passes are also available, though they do not include access to “AI in Minnesota”.

In addition to “AI in Minnesota”, the festival will feature sessions on various topics, such as black entrepreneurship, third-culture cuisine, and the Minneapolis sound. More details about the festival can be found on

By attending the MinnPost Festival, you not only gain valuable insights but also support MinnPost’s nonprofit newsroom and their commitment to providing free, in-depth local coverage to the community.