Google Introduces Duet AI: A New AI Companion for Gmail

Google has announced the introduction of Google Duet AI, a new AI companion for Gmail, at the recent Google Cloud Next ’23 event. This AI assistant is designed to assist users in drafting and customizing their emails, as well as providing support across various tasks in Google Workspace.

Duet AI seamlessly integrates with popular Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Drive, Slides, and Docs. Powered by a substantial language model (LLM), Duet AI eliminates the need for manual copying and pasting between different programs. This integration enhances user efficiency and convenience, making the email drafting process more streamlined.

With Duet AI, users can expect intelligent suggestions to compose more effective and personalized communications. The AI assistant can handle tasks such as composing email replies, checking spelling and grammar, generating images, and organizing data within Google Sheets. It also enhances Gmail’s smart reply feature, enabling users to draft longer and more personalized emails with a simple tap.

To use Duet AI, users need to use the Chrome web browser and enroll in the beta version of the assistant. Currently, the pricing for Duet AI is $30 per month per user for larger organizations, while pricing for smaller organizations is yet to be determined.

Overall, Google Duet AI aims to enhance productivity and provide users with a more efficient and intuitive experience while using Google Workspace. It offers a versatile set of capabilities that optimize work tasks within the Google ecosystem.

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