Google Introduces Enhanced Citations and Summaries, Taking Inspiration from Bing Chat

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled its latest feature that enhances its ability to display citations, resembling those found on Bing Chat. This update introduces a numbered system, which appears alongside relevant lines of text. By simply clicking on the numbers, users can access the sourced material and corresponding link.

Notably, Google has also refined its AI software program, Bard, to provide more accurate and concise summaries that reflect the connected content. Bard can now efficiently identify matching portions of any response and display them with corresponding numbers alongside the response text. Users can easily navigate through the source material by clicking on these numbers, streamlining the process of source identification and presentation. Google aims to offer in-line source links that are easily accessible, simplifying the user experience.

Initially reported by Search Engine Roundtable, the new citations now bear a striking resemblance to those on Bing Chat. However, there appears to be a counterproductive aspect to this update. Upon clicking on the number sign to reveal the primary source and corresponding link, users may encounter unsatisfactory results. Surprisingly, the link leads to a 404 error code, indicating that the page is no longer accessible. In fact, the page has been non-functional for a year and a half.

Additionally, Google claims to have significantly improved its summarization capabilities by leveraging advancements derived from large language models. As a result, Bard has received a substantial upgrade, enhancing its proficiency in summarizing information. This enhancement proves valuable for users seeking a quick understanding of a given topic.

Jack Krawczyk, a representative from Google, took to Twitter to announce the advancements, stating, “Starting today, we’ve tuned the model to be better at concise summaries – this is especially helpful when you want to get the gist of a topic quickly like this one.”

Google’s commitment to refining its citation display and summarization features demonstrates its dedication to improving the user experience and providing more efficient access to information.