Exploring the Best ChatGPT-Powered AI Apps for Android Users

Since its rollout in March 2023, ChatGPT’s latest iteration, GPT-4, has been hailed as OpenAI‘s “latest milestone … in scaling up deep learning.” Although it still cannot rival human capability, its more advanced generative output has encouraged users to find ways to incorporate the AI system into their daily lives. Developers have been working to integrate ChatGPT into their work, producing a laundry list of excellent ChatGPT-driven AI tools for Android users. Here are five standout ChatGPT-powered AI apps:

  1. Alissu: This ChatGPT-powered AI app is a great tool for travelers, as it offers translations from English to French, Spanish, and Japanese. It can also make sense of unstructured data, generate tabulated outputs from long text blocks, translate SQL queries and Python code to natural language, and correct grammatical mistakes. With over 100,000 downloads and a 3.6-star rating, Alissu is a popular tool among Android users.
  2. ChatSonic: Claiming to include GPT-4 capabilities, ChatSonic is considered “the best Chat GPT alternative” by many reviewers. Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic is connected to updated internet resources, enabling it to provide accurate generative text responses to queries on real-time trending topics and up-to-date occurrences without delay. With over 100,000 downloads and a 3.9-star average rating across more than 3,000 reviews, ChatSonic offers digital art and stylized painting outputs, voice command capabilities, and a free trial to test its effectiveness.
  3. Aico: This ChatGPT-powered AI tool stores the last 1,000 words within the current conversation, making it a robust option for mobile back-and-forth interactions while on the go. Aico can revise generated text responses to more closely match a user’s preferences, examine and improve grammar and spelling, translate and summarize input texts, and provide suggestions for completing queries. Aico has over 500,000 downloads, an average score of 4.6 stars, and rave reviews from its nearly 17,000 users.
  4. ChatOn: With over 500,000 downloads and powered by ChatGPT-4, ChatOn offers spelling and grammar checking capabilities, as well as summarization skills to make dense texts easier to understand. Additionally, users can input text and ask the ChatOn AI system to optimize the structure of the writing to improve clarity and flow. ChatOn also offers coding assistance, math problem-solving tools, and features for crafting cover letters, speeches, and emails. Basic functionality is included with the ChatOn app, while the premium features require an upgraded subscription.
  5. Apo Assistant: The most widely downloaded app on this list, Apo Assistant has been reviewed by over 26,000 users (with a 4.2-star average) and downloaded over 1 million times. Built on GPT-4, it offers the latest in AI tools, including the ability to write and debug JavaScript code, extract data from text inputs, generate tables and other types of output stylizations, and summarize content. Additionally, Apo Assistant can solve math equations, conduct translation services, grade essays, and even write musical compositions. A free version is available, and the paid subscription unlocks quota-less use of the platform.

Overall, these ChatGPT-powered AI apps offer a range of useful features that can streamline productivity and creativity on mobile devices. As developers continue to refine and expand ChatGPT’s capabilities, the possibilities for AI integration into daily life will only continue to grow.