All the Major Announcements from Microsoft Build 2023

Microsoft Build 2023, an annual developer conference held in Seattle, has brought a plethora of exciting announcements, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft is constantly expanding its presence in the AI space, and Bing Chat is one of the company’s recent AI-powered products that has managed to outperform tech rivals like Google. As a result, most of the announcements made at the event relate to AI-powered Bing, including features that expand Bing Chat’s functionalities and reach across Microsoft’s platforms.

The Bing Chat and ChatGPT Partnership

Bing Chat is a digital assistant designed to help users find information quickly and easily. The partnership with OpenAI has enabled Microsoft to improve the AI chatbot’s capabilities and enhance its performance. As a result, Bing Chat has become an essential tool for Microsoft’s customers, and it is gaining traction across various industries. At Build 2023, Microsoft announced that ChatGPT Plus subscribers would see Bing integrated as the default online search experience. Through Bing, ChatGPT will be able to provide users with the most accurate and relevant information.

Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot is a digital assistant for Windows 11, and it replaces Cortana. The AI-powered tool is a multipurpose search bar that now has a chatbot interface for on-device operations and default access to the existing Bing Chat for online resources. This new brand is set to become an essential tool for Windows 11 users, and it will change the way people experience the internet.

Bing Chat Plugins

Third-party plugins have been a significant development for ChatGPT, opening up how the AI can interact with specific applications. However, they were only available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Microsoft announced that Bing Chat plugins would share the same plugin standard that OpenAI uses, meaning they will work in ChatGPT. This development will change how Bing Chat interacts with other applications and improve its functionalities.

AI Hub

Microsoft is building an AI Hub that will highlight Windows apps that use AI. This will help developers integrate AI into their applications and provide users with a better experience. The AI Hub is part of the company’s continued effort to expand its AI capabilities and integrate them into various products and services.

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a tool used by developers to access command-line interfaces. Microsoft announced that it would integrate the GitHub Copilot chatbot into Terminal. Developers who use GitHub Copilot can now use the chatbot directly within Terminal to take various actions, get code recommendations, and explain errors. This development will make it easier for developers to access the information they need and streamline the development process.In conclusion, Microsoft Build 2023 was an event that showcased the company’s continued efforts to expand its AI capabilities and integrate them into various products and services. The Bing Chat and ChatGPT partnership, Windows Copilot, Bing Chat plugins, and AI Hub are among the major announcements that will transform the way users interact with technology. By leveraging AI, Microsoft is enhancing its products and services, and it is creating new opportunities for developers to integrate AI into their applications.