New AI Jobs on Fiverr: A Growing Trend

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the emergence of new job opportunities. Companies and individuals are eager to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to boost efficiency in the workplace and in everyday life. According to Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter, there is a high demand for individuals who are creative, entrepreneurial, and quick to adopt new technologies.

Fiverr, a freelance marketplace, has witnessed the impact of this trend on its platform. Yoav Hornung, head of verticals at Fiverr, notes the significant increase in searches for various AI-related needs. These include technical requirements related to integration, as well as consulting services and AI video editing.

The demand for these AI gigs continues to grow, with freelancers commanding handsome pay for their services. Let’s explore four new AI jobs available on Fiverr and the corresponding rates charged by freelancers.

1. AI Consultant:
AI consultants on Fiverr assist companies in harnessing the potential of AI. They identify how AI can benefit businesses, provide AI-oriented solutions to unique challenges, and guide clients through AI-focused projects. Searches for AI consultants on Fiverr have surged by over 650% from January to July 2023. Rates for AI consultants can reach $1,000 for 10 hours of work.

2. AI Video Editor:
AI video editors use AI tools to enhance audio and visuals, animate still images, customize backgrounds, and incorporate AI-generated voiceovers. Searches for AI video editors have increased by more than 625% between January and July 2023. Freelancers can charge up to $1,120 per project.

3. AI Prompt Engineer:
Prompt engineers specialize in tailoring prompts for tools like ChatGPT. They create compelling blogs, articles, conduct research, and fact-check using AI. Rates for prompt engineering can go up to $100 for five prompts on the app.

4. AI Content Editor:
AI content editors proofread and refine AI-generated content, such as ChatGPT blog posts. Angelique Rewers, founder of consulting firm BoldHaus, believes that the demand for AI content editors will remain strong. Rates for AI content editing services can reach up to $625 per project.

To tap into this emerging trend and offer your own AI-oriented services, Hornung advises freelancers to stay curious and continually update their skills. By following industry thought leaders and keeping an eye on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, freelancers can identify emerging AI job categories. Additionally, job listing sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Monster can provide insights into the evolving AI job market.

Embracing this new technology and developing niche AI services positions freelancers at the forefront of the industry, ensuring long-term success.