July 3, 2020

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It’s Transport Month this October, and the focus is on how this daily activity contributes to economic growth and quality of life. In inner-city Cape Town, home to 30% of the provincial workforce and 25% of the provincial economy, the main form of public transport, the rail service, is faltering…
The film industry is gearing up for another hectic season as the currency, local expertise and the sheer versatility of Cape Town locations draws productions from around the world.
Rail is the most important form of public transport in Cape Town. It can carry the most passengers, at the quickest pace. And with its speed and dedicated infrastructure it is able to help bridge the apartheid spatial divide that we, Capetonians, experience each day.
The rail service that provides the main public transport service into central Cape Town has been dealt another blow. Following a housing-related protest, which targeted rail infrastructure in Langa and saw four coaches damaged in an arson attack, the busy central line could not operate.
A partnership between the City of Cape Town and FEDHASA Cape, the hospitality industry body, will open up opportunities for 20 young people to be placed in the industry for 12 months of training and work experience.
The next step towards making the Cape Town Stadium precinct more viable is underway, with the release of a prime piece of land for development.
The high cost of internet access has long been a barrier for many, but this is starting to change with more and more free WiFi spots in the city. Some of these are provided in coffee shops, but there are also some hotspots in public places.
Achieving a more inclusive city economy, with more jobs and thriving small businesses, requires innovation and working together. 
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