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What would it take to make the Adderley Street cycle path more attractive for cyclists? What would it take to make the Adderley Street cycle path more attractive for cyclists?

Making cycling part of the commute

Feb 13, 2017

The City of Cape Town’s draft cycling strategy, recently published for public comment, aims to increase commuter trips by bicycle from the current 1% to 8%. Achieving this huge increase will require multi-sectoral interventions, from ensuring a supply of affordable bicycles to making cycling safer.

The provision and maintaining of cycling infrastructure is highlighted in the strategy which notes that although “not the only requirement for cycling to become the norm a network of cycle routes and appropriate cycling infrastructure (e.g. end of trip facilities) are essential components in a cycling strategy”.

To achieve this, the strategy proposes planning and designing new cycle networks and routes which limit conflict between cyclists and other road users, particularly cars, and which are secure, offering a high level of personal security. This “implies that they should be routed through well frequented and populated areas, be well lit and preferably be included in security patrolled zones”, says the strategy.

For cycle routes to be successful, which means well used, they need to be direct routes that help cyclists avoid excessive delays and detours. Cycle routes should also be continuous, recognisable and link all major origins and destinations. While the City has developed 450 km of cycle routes to date, they are not continuous, and this makes it difficult for many potential cycling commuters to cycle to work. Some cycle lanes, such as the one along Adderley Street, have not been well used by cyclists.

Comfortable, attractive and well-maintained cycle paths with way finding signs are also needed if more people are going to opt to use their bikes for getting to and from work or school, as opposed to for recreational cycling. 

Comment on the cycling strategy
Members of the public may comment on the draft cycling strategy which is available on the City of Cape Town’s website ( as well as City libraries and subcouncil offices. Comments must be submitted by 21 February 2017.

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