February 18, 2019

Edition 8 is on the streets! Look out for your copy.

The City of Cape Town aims to reduce congestion by promoting cycling through innovative approaches as set out in its soon-to-be released cycling strategy.

Regular exercise is now a part of daily life, giving us the energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest and stay healthy. Whether you like to exercise on your own or in groups, the central city and surrounds offers so many different ways to get fitter, meet new people and have fun.

In 2015 Cape Town was named Best Food City in the world in Conde Nast’s People’s Choice Awards, which comes as no surprise to Capetonians.

If you haven’t yet discovered the inner-city wine route (aka “Tuning the Vine”) which takes place on the first Wednesday evening of the month after First Thursdays, then diarise 12 October.

It’s Transport Month this October, and the focus is on how this daily activity contributes to economic growth and quality of life. In inner-city Cape Town, home to 30% of the provincial workforce and 25% of the provincial economy, the main form of public transport, the rail service, is faltering and the roads are increasingly gridlocked.

What started in London as a way to make art galleries and museums more accessible to the public, and then spread to many cities of the world, came to Cape Town at the end of 2012: “First Thursdays”.

Save yourself the pain of commuting in the peak. Treat yourself to a quiet breakfast at one of the city’s many great cafés and restaurants, with time to catch up on your emails and the news of the day. These are some of CityLife’s favourite early-morning eateries:

The city centre is set for another wave of residential developments, offering those who can afford it access to the convenience of urban living.

The annual crime statistics for Cape Town central police station paint a mixed picture, but generally the trend is positive. However, many crimes may be going unreported, says Nicola Jowell, chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF).

The film industry is gearing up for another hectic season as the currency, local expertise and the sheer versatility of Cape Town locations draws productions from around the world.

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