February 29, 2020

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that the tourism industry downs tools a bit as we head into the rainy months. But the fact of the matter is that Cape Town enjoys an almost year-round boom as internationals keep flocking to our pretty peninsula.

Historical green spaces within the city are being restored as food gardens and urban farms.

Food markets are becoming big business for many people – and a great way to eat out affordably while having fun and often being entertained as well.

Shopping for healthy, ethically produced, great quality food has never been easier in central Cape Town. If you’re after a special cut of meat, trying a new cheese or treating yourself to a delicious pastry, you’re also supporting small businesses where people are passionate about their products.

About R16.2 billion worth of investment in property has been committed to the central city since 2012, according to the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID).

This is fast becoming one of the foodie capitals of the world and there’s always somewhere new to try.

If you take sufficient precautionary measures, motorcycling as a commute alternative can lead to massive savings and less time caught in congestion.

The ongoing decline of Cape Town’s rail service receives insufficient attention on the part of the institutions mandated to oversee it. It is also a case study in how the crisis in national state-owned enterprises is impacting on a city.

Talented young people under the spotlight, featuring scenes from the classroom to Cardiff.

Local government set to lead the fight against congestion with car-pooling and parking initiatives.

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