February 18, 2019

Edition 8 is on the streets! Look out for your copy.

The market for contemporary African art is booming. An auctioneer at Bonhams in London describes a “light bulb moment” in 2007 when a painting by a Nigerian artist sold for many times more than he expected. Since then the auction house has held a specialised Africa Now sale every year.

A glance at the listings will reveal a wide range of theatrical productions, from contemporary drama to large-scale musicals and tiny cabarets. Descriptions on websites will most often give you the plot and a paean, but little idea of exactly what kind of production you end up seeing on stage. It helps to know not only about the show, but also the theatres – hence this introduction to three of Cape Town’s iconic performing arts spaces.

Live music lovers from the southern peninsula will be familiar with the Café Roux brand. The original venue in Noordhoek has built a reputation as an establishment for South African performers, known for great vibes and all-round friendly atmosphere. Now there’s a new, somewhat edgier branch that’s opened right in the CBD.

It seems like the world is rolling into Cape Town this February with something for everyone at venues large and small.

The global phenomenon known as Ciclovía, or Open Streets, continues to grow in Cape Town with Bree Street, as well as Longmarket Street, closed for this year’s CBD Open Streets. Kyle Kock reports on his first Open Streets, packed with people, not vehicles, on Sunday 15 January 2017.

With a museum, a theatre or a music venue on virtually every city block, the CBD is the place for culture and entertainment this holiday season.

In this age of small-screen entertainment, it is heart-warming to see a number of people flying the flag for the pleasures of old-fashioned, communal, independent cinema in Cape Town. 

It’s the 18th year coming up for the Cape Town International Jazz festival, which draws thousands annually to venues in central Cape Town.

Cape Town’s craft beer scene is flourishing with the rise of small, independent microbreweries offering beer lovers more choice than ever.

Fans of British sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous, are sure to have seen the feature film version which opened in September.

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