March 29, 2020

Edition 8 is on the streets! Look out for your copy.

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Cape Town 84 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town

An eclectic mix of offod, cocktails, coffee, clothes and bike stuff as well as live music Tuesday to Saturday including Songwriter's Showcase and minthly artist...

Cape Town 47 Napier Street, Cape Town

 A New York inspired African eatery and revue bar featuring: Tuesday Garth Tavares on piano, Wednesday Caminey, Thursday Aston Wylie boogie band with a blues...

Cape Town 161 Longmarket Street, Cape Town

Live music till late. 

Cape Town St George’s Cathedral, Wale Street, Cape Town

A jazz restaurant in the crypt of southern Africa’s oldest cathedral. 

Cape Town

Gallery, event venues and restaurant.

Cape Town 84 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Live music, DJs and performance plus food and cocktails.

Cape Town 68 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Asian fusion food, cocktails and live music over weekends and in the season.

Cape Town 155 Loop Street, Cape Town

Hosts occasional cultural events promoting Franco-South African exchange.

Cape Town 62 Hout Street, Cape Town

Wednesday Electronic Music, Thursday live bands followed by guest DJs, Friday and Saturday Rock n Roll DJs,


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