November 13, 2019

Edition 8 is on the streets! Look out for your copy.

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City Bowl Fitness – Strength and Conditioning

Cape Town 3c Loop Street, Cape Town


City Bowl Fitness is not a normal gym where you come to workout solo. We are a team, a community if you will, and every member who comes to our CrossFit Box will be cheering you on right until the last rep. The coaches and members alike, are backing you the whole way, session after session, month after month. CrossFit is not just a workout, its a lifestyle choice and a community of like minded people. Together we will generate results you could not even imagine were possible. Our Coaches are highly skilled, and have many years of experience, your body is the most important thing you have, and we will advise how to look after it the best way possible. We train you for performance! Come check out CrossFit MotherCity to see what its all about… we will even give you a free introduction class just to see if it is for you! Checkout some of the videos to below to find out more, and get a sense of just what is involved. 

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+27 (0) 21 418 3000


Location: Cape Town

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